The best side of erotic cartoons of Brazil


The creation of the erotic caricatures of HOTCARTOON works like this:

- Imagine the person you desire.

- Send us a description of how you want the scene (example: having sex with a woman with big tits in an exotic place, etc...)

- After the payment confirmation, your caricature will be created, illustrated and sent directly to you.

- All you have to do is fill out the subscription and attach the picture of the person you want illustrated and send it to us.

If you have any doubts, please contact us.

-Take advantage of the SEXTUNING game in our site to set up some examples of fantasies.

Price List
Black and White Caricature (only the face): U$ 80,00
Black and White Caricature (whole body): U$ 100,00
Colored Caricature - Photoshop (only the face): U$ 150,00
Colored Caricature - Photoshop (Whole body): U$ 200,00
Black and white Caricature for 3 to 6 people: U$250,00
Colored caricature for 3 to 6 people: U$300,00

Check out an example of a ready caricature.

The HOTCARTOON site reserves the right not to make illustrations that are considered of an offensive nature, racist or that disrespect the rights of third parties.